For the builders of tomorrow.

The Great Yellow Brick Company is the licensed operator of the LEGO Certified Store in South Africa. GYBC was started in 2017 by three partners: Robert Greenstein, Hayley Greenstein and Greg Bergh who were excited to bring the official LEGO awesomeness to all the LEGO fans (adults and kids alike) of South Africa. GYBC works closely with the LEGO Group to ensure our customers receive a world class shopping experience. The LEGO Certified Store is now available in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. 


Just for fun.

Whether you follow the instructions or build by your own rules, every builder will love the hands-on play opportunities at the LEGO Store.

Digital Box

Digital interactive visualisation.

With the digital box, you can scan almost any boxed LEGO set and see the model come to life in 3D! There’s no better way to test drive a set than seeing the finished product right before your eyes.