Experiential Retail Design

We think like you but we also think like your customers.


Distinctive Experiences.

We understand what effects store layout and design have on consumer behaviour. From experience and endless articles on the topic, it can be concluded that store layout designs can have positive effects on both consumer behaviour and consumers’ overall store perception.


Retail design that invites exploration.

Understanding what drives customer shopping behaviour empowers us to design retail experiences that invites exploration. We help our clients create an overall environment and tempting merchandise displays that reward customers with an exceptional shopping experience.


Bringing the most challenging concepts to life.

We push the conventional design boundaries to bring the most challenging designs to life. Drawing on our established reputation as an industry leader, we continue to assist a broad spectrum of retail sectors to master the intricacies and complexities of all types of designs.

Our undertakings range from small to large-scale. We operate a fully equipped manufacturing factory with numerous skilled craftsmen and are geared for both ‘once-off’ and mass production projects.


Local and international expertise.

Impact provides services both locally and internationally, and we have successfully completed projects on multiple continents. Our team has the experience, knowledge and capability to accurately cost and schedule projects in any location, and to facilitate the logistical challenges involved.

Through our extensive supplier and service network, we are able to provide ongoing support and maintenance services to clients based anywhere in the world. All projects are supported and managed by our head office operation, providing a single point of contact for all Projects.


Brands we work with.