Comprehensive leasing solutions.


Conserve and control your capital.

Our flexible Leasing Options can be tailor-made to suit your retail business and support its goals. Whether you’re looking to purchase new or used equipment or are interested in a Lease, monthly payments can help you manage the cost without sacrificing other business priorities. You may also consider working capital to help you cover the expenses that often go along with installing new equipment.

Healthy Business Credit

When businesses lease instead of buy, it keeps traditional credit lines open.
When businesses lease instead of buy, it keeps traditional credit lines open. Getting a loan for expansion, staffing, and other expenses requires a solid credit report, and keeping the lines open means you will have it available and unused when you need it.

Expand Your Budget

Get what you need, not only what you can afford now.
Sometimes the difference between a good store and a great store is a few thousand Rands worth of upgraded fixturing, graphics or multimedia. Leasing lets you move beyond the essentials and allows you to one-up the competition without breaking the bank.

Fixed Repayment Term

Our offering is based on 36 month term fixed repayments.
Our leasing agreements are fixed at a 36 month term, which allows for prudent financial planning. The assets are generally depreciated annually, where one deducts the monthly payment as an operating expense.

Conserve and Control Cash

Equipment leasing saves your working capital for other opportunities or expenses.
Leasing can alleviate the pressure on working capital and cash reserves, and allow liquidity to be focused on core business activities that generate profit. Additionally, no required upfront payments makes our lease offering all the more feasible and attractive.

Reduce Startup/Upgrade Costs

Start up or upgrade your business with reduced capital requirements.
Creating and maintaining a retail environment can often lead to sticker shock. Whether you're a starting a new enterprise or expanding your existing business, leasing allows you to spread your initial investment out over several months and ease the financial burden of upgrading your store or creating a new one.

Lease to Own

Ownership of the leased assets is transferred on expiry of the lease period.
The leased assets become the property of the client after the terms and period of the lease have been satisfied. This provides businesses with long term value for money.

Immediate Availability

Leasing allows you to meet your business goals straight away.
When leasing, you will meet your needs straight away, rather than when budgets dictate. Many business leases come with 100% financing, which means no money down. This all-in financing allows businesses to keep their generated cash in their pockets with an agreed upon payment each month. So, while you make payments from future cash flow, you can lease the assets immediately.

Low Upfront Acquisition Costs

Leasing requires only a small, manageable monthly payment.
Leasing requires only a small, manageable monthly payment. Monthly lease payments are a business expense instead of long-term debt. Having little debt on your balance sheet helps you secure financing to fund your business.

Maintenance Included

We will attend to any factory defects of the leased assets for the full term.
Full Maintenance of the leased assets is included, although normal wear and tear is excluded. This means that for the full term of the lease, we will attend to any factory defects of the supplied assets.


Stay relevant.

Staying relevant will mean an investment in your store design. But it doesn’t have to say that you should spend all your extra cash on extravagant store designs, fixtures and equipment. Although investment in these aspects is vital, we want to offer our clients an alternative that will be of great and immediate tangible benefit. Our innovative Leasing Solution is the ideal choice to help you with providing your customers with the best retail experiences without hurting your cash flow.